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SQL Server Training by Transmedia

Karen discusses five database design blunders with tips on how to avoid them. Audience members will also be able to contribute their war stories of design fails, WTHs and D’ohs. In this session we will advice how to avoid common developer mistakes and show how bad designed queries reduce the SQL Server optimizer’s capabilities for choosing an optimal execution plan. SQL Sentry will present their revolutionary new software which provides enhanced visibility and manageability for advanced AlwaysOn topologies. This session teaches the fundamentals and principles behind how Windows Failover Clustering works and how SQL Server leverages on the technology, allowing you to build highly available database infrastructures. The purpose of this session is to have some fun with T-SQL and to learn practical tips and tricks that will help you improve and optimize your solutions. Join me in this session to get a basic understanding of Bookmark Lookups, and why they can be dangerous in SQL Server.

  • In this session we will look at some of the practices that you shouldn’t follow when developing a SQL Server database.
  • This module demonstrates how to create different types of reports in both applications, in addition to using the Report Wizard.
  • All developers and DBAs make mistakes when programming in SQL Server.
  • We provide innovative and advanced support for designing, implementing and optimising IT solutions.
  • Then, we will show some more complex time intelligence formulas that require to think out of the box, using advanced data modeling techniques.
  • Your databases are approaching – or surpassed – the Terrible Terabyte mark.

Explain advanced DML trigger concepts, such as nesting and recursion. How to use Database Tuning Advisor to improve the performance of queries. Write queries that unpivot data from columns back to rows using the UNPIVOT operator. Write queries that pivot data from rows to columns using the PIVOT operator. Describe the T-SQL components used to define windows, and the relationships between them. Write queries that use the EXCEPT operator to return only rows in one set but not another. This module introduces how to use the set operators UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT to compare rows between two input sets.

Analyzing Data with Power BI DA100 Course Outline

This course provides the knowledge and skills of carrying out tasks to meet demanding requirements using SQL Server Reporting Services. Also, you will learn how to provide insights from data and develop business reporting skills with enhanced visualisation features. The Microsoft SQL Server provides a complete library of programmatically accessed objects for all Business Intelligence relevant services.

  • Various topics will be covered such as management of large, complex models, connectivity, programmability, performance, scalability, management of artifacts, source-control integration, and monitoring.
  • Jon Reade examines the performance benefits of SSDs in a SQL Server environment.
  • Whilst the focus of the session will be on MDS, other parts of the Microsoft BI stack will be shown, in order to demonstrate how a Microsoft MDM solution complements existing parts of SQL Server.
  • This sessions is an Introduction to the changes in Denali and a demonstration of the key features and benefits.
  • I created this approach to handle a database query on every HTTP request.

But because we want to use json file as a database, then you don’t want the file to overwritten. I do two things to make sure the database json file isn’t overwritten.

Updating Your Skills to SQL Server 2017 (M Course Overview

Extended Events, Dynamic Management Views, and Query Store are powerful and lightweight tools. In this session you will learn techniques for combining the data from these tools, to gain great insight, when analyzing performance problems. We live in a cloud first World, but many organisation still run largely on-premise.

SQL Server 2016 Core Lessons

Sets are king when it comes to SQL Server, but sometimes you need to see data row by row. Learn when and where these functions can help you get what you need without compromising performance. Have you managed to implement, or are you struggling to implement, automated deployments for your databases, but keep hitting problems?

Database Administration Fundamentals Course Outline | SQL Training | M40364

This module describes how to create DML queries, and why you would want to. Describe the elements of the T-SQL language and which elements will be useful in writing queries. This module describes the concept of an index and discusses selectivity, density and statistics.

This 5-day official Microsoft course teaches how to maintain a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database. It provides knowledge and skills for using SQL Server products and tools, as well as features new to SQL Server 2014 in particular. In this module, you will learn about the core concepts on which the SQL Server security architecture is based, and how to manage security at the server and database levels.

SQL Serving Analysis Services (SSAS)

As the amount of data being generated continues to grow, the need to make sense of its meaning increases. Delegates will use data visualisation to make data easier to understand, and faster to interpret. Data visualisations highlight https://remotemode.net/ comparisons, show trends, and convey scale much faster than a table of numbers could. The detail is important, but visualisations are a highly effective way of conveying meaning and insights quickly and accurately.

September Quarter Results Briefing – Investing News Network

September Quarter Results Briefing.

Posted: Fri, 07 Oct 2022 04:39:44 GMT [source]

It’s a great time to take a look at game changing technologies you can use today to make your IoT ideas stand out from the rest using Microsoft Azure. What are the pros, cons and gotchas of being a permy vs contractor or freelance consultant? We’ll look at what you need to think about from a logistics, financial planning, SQL Server 2016 Core Lessons tax, marketing, career and skills development perspective. Buck Woody will lead you around the Cortana Intelligence Suite showing you how to create intelligent actions from data. Attend this session and understand how, why, and when SQL Server uses statistics and how the new CE will help improve performance.

Who should attend this Microsoft SQL Server Course?

This module describes how to implement measures and measure groups in a cube. This module covers the configuration of database mail, alerts, and notifications. Describe core security concepts in the SQL Server security architecture. Use captured traces to test, troubleshoot, and optimize database performance.

SQL Server 2016 Core Lessons

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